WEYMAN CHAN - Author and Poet
Personal Statement
I believe that writing brings into existence an understanding of ourselves that can be shared and built on.  As writers give voice to their uniqueness and craft words for it, a path is made: a captured and stratified layer of consciousness across space and time.  This path of integrity is one of many that writers will re-visit and learn from, as they build a network of understanding and compassion across their landscape.
Book Publications
Chinese Blue (poetry), Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2012
Hypoderm (poetry), Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2010
Noise From the Laundry(Poetry), Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2008
Before A Blue Sky Moon (Poetry). Calgary, Frontenac House, 2002
2011           W.O.Mitchell Literary Prize--finalist, for Hypoderm
2009           Acorn-Plantos People's Poetry Award--finalist, for
                 Noise From the Laundry
                  W.O.Mitchell Literary Prize—finalist, for
                 Noise From the Laundry
                 Writer’s Guild of Alberta Stephan G. Stephansson
                 Award, finalist, for Noise From the Laundry
2008           Governor General’s Literary Awards, finalist,
                 for Noise From the Laundry
                 Writer’s Guild of Alberta Stephan G. Stephansson
                 Award, for Before A Blue Sky Moon
2002           Silver Medalist (Poetry), National Magazine
                  Awards, for “At Work”.
1990           Calgary Herald Short Story Contest, runner-up
1987           Calgary Herald Short Story Contest, winner
2002           edited Sharron Proulx-Turner’s book of poetry,
                 what the auntys say.
                         Toronto:  McGilligan Books
Jarett Sitter's blog: http://jaretts.blogspot.com/
Literary Saloon and Archive at The Complete Review:
Academy of American Poets poems, videos, etc.:
Song Lyric interpretation forum:http://www.fleetwoodmac.net/penguin/interpretations/
Rotten Tomatoes:
Noise through a sleepy window
will change a chair into something more present
than love.
Wake of lightning this tender
red shifts the blue note
from brazen to abstract.
Nietzsche once said, stars shouldn’t
be held over you.  Look at how they climb down from the rising past,
needy and flute folded
like an opening towards happiness.
Stars and us together,
a wide break in the trees,
will let the distance come inside.
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